August 13, 2011

July 26, 2010

John Cage about silence

June 14, 2010 in some mood i can listen to it for hours and hours..

February 16, 2010

anatomy of vertebrate or the frog prince?

(..) that one briefe touch was enough to break the spell that bound the frog, and caused it to turn back into the young and handsome prince he had been before. some days ago my daughter drew the picture of frog's skeleton for her school task. i found these lines so fascinated to make this blazer insignia or brooch in monochrome black and white with some touch of royal gold. come and touch it..

February 13, 2010

allure of social media

here is something like an excellent tutorial in how to get success in a world of social media. the key word is LOVE.. actually i have personal story about media world. these days i realized, that i'm back in this world i run away about year ago. at that time i made decision to get off a journalism and pr. i was tired of this noise. just wanted to have more quite lifestyle spending time with my children. this week i discovered twitter and it reminded me again how much actually i'm a journalist in my heart. word for word i fell in a flow of world's current events, instead of just promoting my etsy shop i wanted at first. now, when i have touched media world anew, i feel both - from one side the fastness of it frighten me, but from other side - it allure, as allways it had been. this is like a game with much excitement.. helps to sharpen a mind, at least :)

February 9, 2010


via a bit more from wonderful Charlotte Gainsbourg from her new album IRM..

February 4, 2010

duck, duck, duck.... GOOSE!

look at goOodmorning's BEAUTY OF LAVENDER dress together with.... ducks and gooses, he he.. i hope you'll love this treasury collection made by etsian Sharon from KnotOriginal as much as i do, because her view is just fabulous! very unique! i'm happy to be a part of this. thanks to Sharon! xo

January 26, 2010

La Alhambra

via MissJohansen
there is so much powerful energy i get when listening it..

December 31, 2009

new year´s eve

oh, this golden, shiny night.. short and crazy moment between old and new year. i´m silent tonight. i´ll keep my feelings close to me. despite people around me, who aren´t quiet. they have so much fun, they laugh, they sing and dance.. they even shout.
i´m not at home. i´m on the island in a middle of deep ocean. somewhere near Africa. i feel so far from everywhere.. like it would be deep deep in a free space. i´m not at my home.. in north, where, as i heard, is snowing tonight..

December 12, 2009

from heart to heart

these days i found some blogs full of love. romantic and honest stories. some love letters made in careful way and wrote in simple, true words. i read the posts and thought about my attitude towards the world. how much more then now i need to pay attention to people around me. i have to stop more frequently and listen to others.. i need to say something good and rousing to people on my way.. every day. not only in their birthday. i have to give more from my heart. not only to take..

December 1, 2009

sounds like a fairy tail..

nostalgia for tonight by Charlotte Gainsbourg..
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November 30, 2009

goOodmorning - what's it about ..?

today my thoughts are flying far away.. i am dreaming about sunny meadow full of bright flowers. soft green grass touches my legs.. goOodmorning is my newest project - a small independent company which involves some creative people making garments - each with its own s t o r y. my inspiration comes from pure and rich colored beauty of the earth - grass, flowers, water, sand, wind.... all items are handmade. some recent time ago I worked as a journalist and editor for a weekly women magazine. i guess, may be this everyday searching throughout pages full of splended fashion items let me start my own idea of making clothes. catch me, if you can, when I am running along light pink roses in the park with flirty morning wind in hair.. when I walk near the sea I just stay a little bit calm to listen the song of rustle waves, warm summer wind and birds crying.. photos by Oscar Ludvig
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November 29, 2009

spanish singer I like - Maria Coma

wonderful singer, pianist and composer from Barcelona. i highly recommend her last work (Linòleum), you can check it here: photos by Conrad Roset
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